Career in Cyber Security

Everyday millions of people get new job opportunities and millions more lose their jobs. Current word is too much competitive and to keep pace with the modern world and win the competition you need to take the right decision and choose the right career path now. In the IT industry there is a long list of job opportunities for you if you have the right skillset. You can be a software engineer, mobile application developer, web designer, sysadmin, etc. Most of the renowned companies around the world care less about academic results and more about your skill in the specific fields.  Among all IT professions Cyber Security is among the most lucrative ones.

Cyber Security was once the realm of defense and government agencies but nowadays every industry is looking for an expert Cyber Security specialist. The reason behind this is crystal clear. Today every business has their online presence in this or that way. Most of the businesses and companies are conducting their activities through internet – a thriving modern business is impossible without the help of some type of cloud infrastructure. Whether the businesses and companies are passing their data through public internet service or private extranet or intranet they are vulnerable to digital attack or data breach. Even the bank you are using for money transaction, the AMT machine you are using for withdrawing money or the POS through which you are paying bill in the superstore near your home are all passing the transaction data through network. Almost no business can exist today without the help of internet and each of them need to secure their system from any type of digital attack over the network for a sustainable business. So, all of them need people with the expertise in Cyber Security.

You maybe prompted to ask about the salary and future in Cyber Security career. I am providing some valuable information here for you. A report from CISCO says that more than one million job openings are left unfilled in the whole word where almost 200k job openings are left unfilled in U.S. alone. Cyber Security market is expected to grow $170 billion by 2020. Your salary can range from $88k to $328k depending on your skill. So, if you can make yourself a skilled person in Cyber Security you will not have to run for jobs, instead companies will run for you.

Now, the question arises, “How can I become a Cyber Security professional?” To be a Cyber Security professional you do not need to have Computer Science (CS) degree but if you have degree or background in CS it will be very helpful for your learning and your career. The learning curve is not very smooth, neither very steep. With a decent analytical ability you can excel more in this field. A lot of universities, companies and professional institutes are providing professional trainings on it. CISCO is one of the leading companies to provide professional IT courses and Cyber Security is one of their main concern. Whenever you are going to take a course on Cyber Security make sure that they are providing a certificate that is globally recognized. Compared to other IT jobs Cyber Security jobs put some more weight on professional certification. If it is hard for you to attend training physically you can take online courses. You can choose online course form Lynda, Pluralsight, Udemy, etc. So, do not wait any more if you want a bright future. Start your learning today to ensure a better tomorrow.